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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Insensitive NY Post headline of the week (Part one of a contiuing series)

They always pun, they often rhyme, they usually insult. Every Wednesday without fail, The Farley Post Office, that beacon of reason and fair-mindedness in a world gone mad, promises to deliver the best of the worst headline writing that the New York traditional press has to offer. My all-time favorite so far ran back in August.

Madoff Dying--Unless He Can Cheat Death, Too

This week's lucky winner ran in the late edition on January 12th, above a story by Jeremy Olsham about feuding between recently widowed Tila Tequila and her late fiancee's family, who own the New York Jets.

TV Tart Tila No Jet Pet

Too soon, Olsham! TV tarts have feelings too.

Note: I may update later in the week, if The Post embarrasses itself over the tragedy in Haiti. Also, in future, I will clip the headlines and scan them, so you can get the full trashy impact of it all.

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